[RES][2K0] Luka's Resource Shop ~ Charsets, Chipsets, Faces and Titlescreens

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[RES][2K0] Luka's Resource Shop ~ Charsets, Chipsets, Faces and Titlescreens

Post  Lukas on Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:33 pm

First topic message reminder :

Well hello there ;),

You seem to have stumbled upon my Resource shop, and chances are you're here to request something - so go ahead, you know you want to :twisted:

I made this so I can improve my photoshop skills, by doing titlescreens (speaking of title screens, you can request them here for any RPG maker - not just 2000/2003) and build up my pixel art skills by making charsets, faces and chipsets (however since I'm still a beginner pixel artist, I'm doing those only for 2000/2003 because I still can't make stuff in the nice looking style of VX/XP).

<List of Requests>
None yet :( - Come on request something :D !
^ The list will include the requests and the percentage done. Higher priority requests will be nearer the top. Easier requests will have higher priority because they can be finished faster.

Keep in mind - requests charsets (medium priority), faces (high priority) and chipsets (low priority) for RPG Maker 2000/2003 only. And titlescreens (very high priority) or other similar graphics (gameover screens etc.) for any RPG maker. Do not request anything else.

And 1 more thing, all work you receive from me here is 100% original - you will not get any rips or modified rips, or anything that is less then 100% original. So, if you want rips - you have come to the wrong place. Also that means that the time required to complete the resources will be higher then the time required for ripping and simple modifications.

Now that you have read all that (or skipped all that), feel free to make a request from this forum's 2nd best artist :)

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Re: [RES][2K0] Luka's Resource Shop ~ Charsets, Chipsets, Faces and Titlescreens

Post  Glaceon on Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:45 pm

Can you draw some vikings for me?

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