Community Game ?

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Community Game ?

Post  Lukas on Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:57 pm

I have been talking about this with Weavile, but nothing is 100% decided yet.

I make this topic to decide,
1) Are we going to make a community game at all (we can't make a community game if the community isn't interested :P),
2) Which RPG Maker are we going to use,
and 3) The details of the game (story, gameplay, characters)

Please speak your opinion about these questions, since it will be a community game - every member of the community will have a right to contribute something (even if it's just an idea or opinion)

But for now the primary goal is to see if you're all interested or not...

Btw, If your answer to 1) is "no" then don't bother answering 2) and 3) :P

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